Foam Exterior Window Moldings | Production

Elements are used to decorate the window of the house from the outside. Window openings of the house are the eyes of the house. Shape, size, and color play a huge role in the overall impression of the facade of the house. Small windows are easily visually expanded by architectural decoration. There are many shapes … Read more

Producing Top Quality Decorative Foam Exterior Window Sills

Producing top-quality decorative foam exterior window sills is a challenging task for any manufacturer. It requires the use of high-grade materials and precision manufacturing processes to ensure that the finished product meets the highest standards of quality. With the help of modern technologies, such as AI-assisted production, manufacturers are now able to produce window sills … Read more

High Quality Production of Decorative Foam Exterior Cornices

Decorative foam cornices (also known as foam exterior cornices) are stone or wood-like architectural features used to beautify and protect buildings’ exteriors. They have recently become very popular in construction due to their durability, low cost, and relatively easy installation process. As such, these unique decorative elements provide homeowners with more options for customizing the … Read more

Foam Decorative Exterior Corbels | Production

Exterior corbels – an architectural element of the decor, imitating the support of any large, protruding decor or part of the structure. Corbels are usually called parts with a greater height than reach. It is used in window decoration, and roof overhang. Consoles are called elements with a greater offset than the height of the … Read more

Exterior Foam Keystones

Architectural keystones have been a symbol of strength and beauty for centuries, adorning the apex of archways and windows in historic buildings around the world. Today, we are proud to introduce our revolutionary Exterior Foam Keystone, which combines the traditional elegance of a keystone with modern manufacturing techniques and materials. Our cutting-edge product provides not … Read more

Exterior Decorative Foam Columns ~ Column Cladding ~ Production

Columns are probably the most spectacular element of the house facade decoration. Egyptian and Roman colonnades make a lasting impression. By general appearance, the columns are divided into so-called orders: In turn, the column of any order consists of three main parts: In modern architecture, the following proportions of diameter to height (base, body, capital) … Read more

Foam Interior & Exterior Pilasters for Home | Production

The design of the facade is a crucial stage in any construction, as it directly impacts the building’s appearance. Adding decorative elements can transform a plain, dull building into a work of architectural art. One method of achieving this is by using pilasters. Ancient design themes still hold historical significance and are widely incorporated into … Read more

Exterior Foam Decorative Base Elements | Production

The basement profile is used in the facade decoration to separate the basement of the house from the main wall. Very often the base and wall have a different ledge – the architectural profile easily solves this problem. In addition, it can serve as additional protection for the protruding part of the cap from the … Read more

Expertly Crafted Exterior Foam Ornaments

Ornaments on the facade of the house convey a more pronounced picture of a particular style of decoration. Each direction in architecture has its characteristic drawing and plot. Our patterns are divided into two conditional groups – single and molded. Architectural elements are made of polystyrene with subsequent reinforcement with a protective layer for facade … Read more

Exterior Foam Quoins

Exterior foam quoins are decorative architectural elements that are used to accentuate the corners of a building. They are made from high-density foam, which is lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant. Foam quoins are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles, which makes it easy to find the right ones that match your home’s … Read more